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May 23, 2020

Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks can add extra security to any home or business garage door without running up a big expense for purchase or large fees for installation. Many local Charleston, SC residents are already using them and enjoying the extra security that they add. Here at 843 Locksmith in Charleston, we know what a difference having these handy and useful locks can make when easily installed on your own garage door!

Why lock your garage?

In today’s world, higher crime is the norm. Folks everywhere are looking for ways to live safer and better secured lives. One smart way to better secure your home or commercial space is to ensure that your garage has a lock on it. When some think of burglary or home invasion, they think of window breakage or front door assaults, but usually not garage intrusion. Our Charleston, SC lock professionals are always advising our local customers to do two things; lock your garage AND lock the interior garage door that leads into the home or business!

Why lock the inside door?

To some it doesn’t make sense. Why lock the interior door leading into the house? After all, if someone was to break in through the garage door, it would make so much noise that they would be alerted; right? Not necessarily! What if you didn’t hear the break-in? What if you were not home at the time or asleep? Even if you heard noise from a break-in, a locked interior door buys you extra time that can be used to arm yourself or at least to call police!

Don’t help the burglar!

If your garage door is vulnerable and easy to break into, this makes a “perfect storm” situation for the crook to get into your garage, re-close the garage door and work in relative privacy while he or she steals your possessions or even picks the locks on the door leading into your home. If this door is already unlocked, you’ve just made the burglar’s job all the easier! What can you do about all this? Start locking your garage interior door and get yourself a good garage door lock and use it!

What’s there to steal?

Do you recall that commercial that says “what’s in YOUR wallet?” Just change the word wallet for garage! The average Charleston, SC garage contains many things worth stealing. These can include cars, ATVs, skateboards, garden tools, motorcycles, bicycles, water softeners, cabinets, benches, lawn mowers and even water heaters! If there’s room in your garage and a thief break in, all they have to do is drive their vehicle into your garage, re-close the garage door and load it up with your things! If you happened to lose your remote, or if the guy that is supposed to be valet parking your car decides to go to your home while you are at the theater, or enjoying dinner, you might regret not having a locked interior door and a strong garage lock!

Slide locks

One of the most simple and affordable types of garage door locks are slide or latch locks. These easy to install locks use a latch that slides from the garage door into an opening that is pre-cut into the garage door track. When the lock is in place; the garage door won’t go up or down using the vertical track. Be careful and don’t forget that the lock is in place! You can easily burn out your opener motor or cause damage to your garage door if you do!

J Arm garage door lock

This lock is often standard with automatic garage door openers. This is a built-in lock that activates itself each time the garage door closes. The J Arm connects the opener unit to the top panel of the garage door itself. When you close the garage door, it locks into place automatically. This is what prevents your garage door from easily opening if you were to lift up on it after it closed. To unlock the garage door from the J Arm, you pull on the red knob on the emergency release.

The T Handle Lock

These locks are seen all over Charleston, SC residential areas and elsewhere, too. They have a T shaped handle on the outside of the garage door. On the inside, there are two bolts and a cable system that lock the garage door when in use. The two bolts are secured to the vertical track and they are unlocked when the T handle is turned from the outside. Don’t worry – you need a key to turn the outside handle; just don’t lose yours!

Where to get your garage locks

You can find good sturdy garage door locks practically anywhere in Charleston, SC and online. What many folks do is to do some web searches for garage door locks and see what some stores and websites sell them for. To see these locks in person, you can always visit your local retail or hardware store and get an idea of how they look and feel. Remember that most retail sales persons are not locksmiths, or are they true experts in lock security. Most are part-time, minimum wage clerks so don’t expect too much expertise from them. Some local stores you may consider include Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Lowes, Home Depot and Sears. Online choices include websites for the above plus Amazon, E-Bay and Craigslist.

Ask around

See what your friends, close associates and family members are using to better secure their home or business garages. Don’t be surprised if they are not taking garage security precautions at all. Maybe you can spark in interest in them when they see what steps you take to make your garage more secure.

Call a locksmith

Depending on the size and type of garage door lock you want installed, you might consider calling a local locksmith shop. An experienced, full service lock professional will be invaluable to you when you need expertise that is affordable, skillful and convenient. Call one today, and start securing your garage better than ever!


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