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24/7 Emergency Service

May 23, 2020

It happens to every one of us at some point. Something is bound to go wrong with your locks and keys. Despite the fact that a mobile locksmith will be available, at a price, to get you out of trouble, even after hours, it’s still better to be pro-active instead, so that you’ll avoid just about any potential mishap.

Of course, protecting your home is important. We all want our place to be a space where we can be secure, comfortable, and safe with our loved ones. Accordingly, it’s essential that you keep your locks in topnotch shape. Be sure that your front-door locks - and any other exterior locks - are always working properly, with exceptional resilience. You’ll keep your family, and valuables, too, properly protected when your locks are tough and solid.

What to Consider damaged locks If your locks are ever damaged, vandalized, or tampered with, then you’ll need to get new locks. Don’t take risks with your security! Immediately replace your locks. Don’t keep a damaged lock for any significant length of time, because your property will be vulnerable to additional problems, and it will also be uncomplicated for a burglar to get in.

normal wear and tear. Worn-out or rusted locks are a major flaw in your home security. They grow harder to open as time goes by, making it easier for a thief to break or pick. If any of your locks has rust or tarnish, or if you see any other signs of wear, then replace it. If, day after day, a lock becomes more and more difficult to open with your key, especially in cold weather, replace it.

a new home. Anytime you move into a new place, you must replace your locks. You never know if a previous resident might still be in possession of an old key. Therefore, it’s critical that you change your locks.

new roommates or tenants. If you rent out space from your house or apartment, or if you have any other rental properties, the same rules apply. Every time you change occupants, get the locks replaced. Even if the former residents gave back their keys, you can’t be completely positive that they haven’t kept any spare copies. If a break-in were to occur, you wouldn’t want to harbor any doubts over a previous resident.

rusty locks. You and your family come and go, opening and shutting your locks countless times. As the years pass, locks eventually wear out or become rusty, which means they will easily break. If you notice any signs of rust, you’ll find out that it’s tricky to put your key in the lock mechanism, or that maybe you cannot even turn the key at all. If so, it’s time to replace the lock.

lost keys. If you know for sure that your keys are permanently lost, then change your locks as soon as possible. All your exterior locks are susceptible to an intruder now, so get them replaced. After your outdoor locks are effectively secured, you can replace any inside locks in the order of your personal security preferences.

stuck keys. Your key can get stuck, or it might even break off, in the lock mechanism. If any issue comes up with an internal lock mechanism, then the key won’t go in as effortlessly as it should. If you observe any resistance when you try turning the key, then take it as a sign: Replace the lock.

deadbolts. Considering all the circumstances regarding your living situation, if you ever suspect that you’re at risk of any criminal activity, and you desire to increase your home security, then any professional locksmiths worth their salt will advise you to install deadbolts. Reinforce your security with the most durable locks.

break-ins. If the worst has happened, and you’ve been robbed, it’s imperative that you replace every lock. The force used by an intruder while breaking in will harm the integrity of the lock mechanism. Also, a damaged lock will put you at a greater risk for a future burglary. You simply can’t be sure if your keys could have fallen into the wrong hands. Besides, mechanical failure makes it more likely that you’ll find yourself locked out. Replace all the locks as soon as you can.

combination locks. Are you constantly misplacing your keys? Then you may want to replace your regular lock with a combination lock. A combination door lock opens with a passcode. If your combination input ever fails, or if you can’t recall or misplace your code, don’t fret, because most combination locks also come with a keyed lock. If you ever think that its access may’ve gotten compromised, change the combination, just as you would replace a conventional lock if you’d lost your keys.

peace of mind. Your locks do not have to display any evidence of damage for you to need to replace them. As the years go by, you may not remember anymore how many neighbors, friends, and family members you’ve given your spare keys to. Consequently, to enhance your security, periodically replace your locks. It’s an effective way to keep your home well maintained. You’ll have added peace of mind, because you’ll know that your loved ones and valuables are being successfully safeguarded.

going digital. If you’ve been considering going high-tech, then replace your standard locks with digital locks. You’ll secure your home without having to use any keys at all. Keyless locks are a part of the new horizons emerging nowadays in home security technology. They work with keypads; remotes or smart devices; alarm systems with remote codes; biometrics; and so forth. As soon as you become accustomed to it, you’ll see that keyless locks are relatively easy to use. Most include an attractive selection of features that offer safety and convenience.

If you are located any place in Charleston, South Carolina, and you have to find a reliable professional locksmith, hire a staff residential locksmith specialist at a reputable locksmith company, such as 843 Locksmith, where free consultations are available.


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